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Why your Business should Ditch a Personal Shredder and Go Professional?

Business isn’t something to take lightly. The term “business” itself comes from the word busy – means not doing things. In this busy profession, asking employees to shred important stuff in order to save money is the first step to risking your business. What you are doing is opening doors for identity thieves to steal the identity […]

Why Mobile Paper Shreddings?

More than 50% of companies practice paper recycling. However, not all the documents can be thrown into the blue bin for recycling. Some documents contain sensitive information about the organization, employees, and customers as well. For that reason, the mobile paper shredding revolution is here. However, there is still a big confusion about the difference […]

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A Paper Shredding Company with Small-Town Ideals

At Shred Connect in Garden Grove, our shredding company is surrounded by the fast-pace, big city lifestyle of many in CA, but we embrace many of the things which made small town America an ideal for which to strive. While many companies have embraced the cut-throat attitude prevalent on Wall Street, we believe the values […]

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Shred Connect’s A+ Paper Shredding

Shred Connect’s A+ Paper Shredding Shred Connect may only be several years old, but already we’ve grown to become one of Garden Grove’s most reliable, consistent shredding companies. Since 2008, we’ve expanded from a small building in Irvine to include nearly all of Orange County…and we’re growing little by little, every day. Our success couldn’t […]

Paper Shredding Service

Garden Grove’s Solution to Paper Shredding Nightmares

Garden Grove’s Solution to Paper Shredding Nightmares Shred Connect is Garden Grove’s go-to source for all your shredding services. We’ve been steadily growing since 2008 and consistently strive to do whatever it takes to be your premier document-shredding company now and in years to come. If this is your first-ever visit to our website, welcome! […]